Why I Am Roman Catholic

My journey as a Christian has gone through many hoops and hurdles. These hurdles have included thing such as what do I believe, and how do I connect to God. An important one that I am now facing is where in the body of Christ do I belong. After much consideration, I believe God has told me to settle down in the church I was originally brought up in and fully become a Roman Catholic Christian. Continue reading Why I Am Roman Catholic

Pastor Dany Cortez- Why I Changed My Mind On Homosexuality

This Pastor, Dany Cortez, gives a sermon on why he changed his stance on homosexuality just before his son came out to him as a gay man. His journey, minus the son part as I have no children, mirrors my own journey to becoming an ally. Here I am sharing it with you all. Enjoy.

Cipher 8 in Shadow of Revan

Crimsèn’s adventures through Cipher 8! Shadow of Revan and SWTOR property of Bioware, Electronic Arts

Crimsèn Hevilas is Cipher 8- Gallery

Images of my sniper agent, Cipher 8. His real name is Crimsèn Hevilas and is my main on SWTOR.

SWTOR, Imperial Agent property of Bioware and Electronic Arts

Should a War Continue?

Canada is now at war in the Middle East against the terrorist organization, ISIS. This conflict is full of controversy- Canadians cannot agree on whether our forces should even be there, never mind how long the mission should be. The controversy over it has naturally  been inflamed by the death of Sgt. Andrew Doiron this past weekend. Now CBC, Canada’s major broadcaster, is asking if Canadians think the mission ISIS should be extended. The Government currently wants to extend it but they have to go through the debates on Parliament Hill first. In the meantime, the debate continues.

Canada is a fairly protected country all things considered.  Most of the threats have to get across HUGE oceans to directly attack us. Not to mention we have the US, and the British Commonwealth to call upon for protection if need be. Need be might be  on the horizon, as ISIS has made many threats against Canada as a country before. Not to mention the attacks by ISIS on Canadian soil in late 2014 that resulted in the death of two men in our forces. Clearly, ISIS should be ignored, as they could been planning worse attacks if they are not dealt with head-on. At the same time, I do not  we should respond in a way that puts our legacy as peacekeepers at risk.

My stance on this issue is a bit of a compromise, all things considered: I would only support it being extended if there was solid evidence that ISIS is a threat to our country. If it is, then yes it should be extended to protect Canada. However, if not then I think our time there should end when it’s supposed to end. So, Mr. Prime Minister, can you and your government prove that ISIS is very much a threat to Canada and their terror attacks will only get bigger if we don’t deal with them now?